How to wear different skirts with skirts

Even in winter, some women still can not let go of the dresses love, since such a small series to meet you. So the face of long short and short skirts of different styles, how to complete the upper body to wear out, this must be what you are distressed, into the purple Kou , give you the answer.

ç´«è”» - ZEE&CO

A materialized skirt, gray elegant intellectual, leather fake mouth treatment, increase the design sense, the middle of the lace design, enhance the overall degree of color, but also added a bit feminine. At this time a black turtleneck knit sweater as a suit with the shirt is very fit, self-cultivation version of the shirt into the skirt will not be bloated and looks too strange. Classic black and white gray together with the red hat highlights the brilliance, unique charm ~

不同材质半身裙要怎么穿 半身裙适合搭配什么上衣

A leather skin under the tough texture, derived from the irresistible sexy charm, including hip version of the full lower exquisite curve of the lower body, before the fork intimate design, more convenient for walking and activities, more dress Practicality, the upper body can catch an eye-catching red sweater, bat sleeve design adds playful sense, but also has a thin visual effect, the clothing tassels small fringe design, inadvertently enhance the fashion of clothes, so that Set to wear, it will attract full eyes Oh!