How to wear these fashionable style you must have

As 90, really is the pursuit of fashion all the time, the pursuit of foreign. Whether it is used or worn, every kind of fashion personality. Therefore, the most practical problem is how to wear now only Western style, then in addition to fashion with the stylish style to use, so as to be a two-pronged approach to help you to the forefront of fashion.

Banana CiCi

The most do not mind the girl is a classic Zhuangxian black, whether it is from the thin aspect or look good, black girl is an essential choice, this black fur jacket, simple style design is generous. Take the ride to choose a big red shirt, the integration of English letters is also very consistent with the temperament after 90 Oh! Gray leggings coupled with sports shoes, full of vitality after 90.

如何穿才洋气 这些时髦款你一定要有

Very delicate cashmere jacket, simple striped design is simple, ranging from the thickness of a more level three-dimensional. Take a small black shirt with lace skirt, elegant lace looks more charm, refined high-heeled shoes to increase the sweet femininity.

Photo credit: Banana CiCi women's clothing