How to wear Christmas look good? Better to point red and green now!

The arrival of the cold in December, MM are not even want to go out? Fortunately, there is an important holiday in December let us look forward to some, it is Christmas! So how do we dress and look good at Christmas? Before answering this question, Xiaobian would like to ask everyone, what color can you think of Christmas? Surely it must be red and green, then let's wear some red or green!


Solid red you may find it difficult to control, then red Black Check it! For example, the two models on the figure above the body style is good, red and black Check the fashion eye with a touch of brittle British atmosphere, with a red wool hat or black painter hat to wear together, stylish and generous Christmas Atmosphere, as long as the beautiful and then with the coat or coat together, is a great Christmas look.

圣诞节怎么穿好看? 不如来点红色和绿色吧!

In addition to the red, green is also very Yingjing Christmas color, coupled with the green is the fashion color of autumn and winter this year, then why do not we try green? The left side of the body of the green lace dress MM elegant elegant and feminine, the right body green coat style coat is not bad, simple and elegant and eye-catching, with a black basement is also the United States and the United States to wear. (Photo Source: Jia Zi Lyle women's clothing )