Of course, choose a winter jacket with a small boy down jacket

The jacket now is not the kind we defined as a kid. Wearing a bulky penguin, he had to wear three layers of cloth outside. Today's children are really happy, just the diversity of clothing styles is enough to make people look dizzying up. Can be described as a beautiful and warm degree as a whole. So young boy's down jacket how to choose it. What is the hottest thing now? Of course, the parade for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Second Army of the Zombies in August and August. Watching people surging, spontaneous pride and happiness. Why not come with a wave of green it. Small fresh green gives a simple fresh feeling. Black letters at the cuffs also reveal the fashion taste, coupled with a large plush hat, full of handsome sense. Feel free to match wild jeans and white shoes. Fluorescent green shines. Bid farewell to boys black and white ideas. Coupled with the cuff hat black, stitching color is full of creativity. Coupled with a simple pattern, more in line with the young boy's sense of youthful vitality. This winter, it is better to let children contracting water children's wardrobe, more styles are welcome to buy.