Lollipop discoloration clothing and youth clothing combo detonated the market

"The clothes you just wore are obviously this color and pattern, but it can turn into another color and pattern"! This is the discoloration of clothing - was especially favored by 90 like! "Finally there are clothes for our own wear, do not wear large size children's wear, not to wear adult dress mature"! - Teen clothing, ecstatic after 90. Both the latest apparel, are warmly sought after by young people! Changing colors make them cool dazzle, adolescent costumes so that they have their own age, style, personality loaded! A single kind of clothing can be so sought after by young people, if the two clothing together, would not it be more hot? Lollipop colorful youth clothing unique discerning, bold success of the discoloration of apparel, clothing and youth integration together to form two stores one! Changing colors costumes to catch up with new and changing young people flocked to young clothing to attract countless fashion beach goers. The two major characteristics of the effective integration of clothing, not only when young people have more choices when selling clothes, even more awesome bright teenager clothing store attracted a huge popularity popularity! The two series of "echoes", it is completely detonated Lollipop wealth storm. After buying a beautiful discoloration of the 90's, they often buy their own tailored youth clothing; buy teen clothing, will buy a beautiful discoloration costumes to match! Despite the seemingly different style of the two major costumes, but invisible bundled together to stimulate each other to buy, each pulling sales!