"Ai Nuoweiya 2-10 underwear experience Museum" concept of the market

3: 500

Underwear industry is in an alternating period of development and maturity, with annual sales of 50 billion, and the annual increase of 20%. However, as the domestic first-line underwear brand sales, but also 300 million, the rest of the market needs branded products support, Ai Nuoweiya 2-10 yuan underwear Museum as a comprehensive listing of American brand underwear, you will not tempted?


There are 600 million Chinese women now, of whom 200 million are female consumers of the right age and 3 bras per capita. However, in the developed countries, there are at least 20 women of the right age, a huge gap is the future of Ai Nuowei Lingerie Museum of the market space.


As women's demand for lingerie and the ability to underwear increase, the demand for high-end underwear is on the rise. High-end underwear with a retail price of more than 200 yuan accounts for only 10% of the market, which means that 90% of customers can not afford the favorite underwear. Ai Nuowei 2-10 yuan underwear experience Museum from the United States upscale underwear, is China's parity sales. Hot sales have become a necessity.


Pure American-style lingerie, the world's brand, known as dynamic personal close fit, healthy and stylish, classic and personality. Selection of high-grade fabrics refined, beautiful youth style, full of action, swept sweater lingering style, so that the natural release of women's hearts, the liberation of the body more to liberate the soul.

13 and 65 years old

Ai Nuoweiya 2-10 underwear experience Museum has impeccable body streamline technology, can accurately grasp the physical characteristics of each age stage, just from the 13-year-old girl into a 65-year-old white-haired old man, can feel Ainol Weiya dynamic lingerie comfort service. Extensive sales of the crowd on the wide range of sales soaring.


Ainoweiya 2-10 underwear experience museum all use the world's latest scientific and technological achievements of the fabric, including bamboo fiber, nano, Lycra, cotton worsted, acrylic, spandex, nylon, etc., 40 to more than 100 production processes, so that each Products are in line with international standards.

Some low-end positioning is different from the so-called nine yuan underwear to join the shop is Aino Silvia break the traditional peer in investor relations focus on brand image and long-term planning, while second-tier brands to invest, bigger profit margins. Ainoweiya investment threshold is low, the first purchase without restrictions, delivery prices below your imagination. However, relying on popularity and product quality, consumers are more likely to gain favor. The final product store profits are about 80%.
720 °

Ai Nuoweiya wide publicity is no longer 360 ° omni-directional, but 720 ° three-dimensional four-dimensional mode. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, traditional media one by one unveiled, network, ring tones, MMS channel cutting-edge new glory, ezine, DM, word of mouth communication, terminal promotion comprehensive communication peak again. Make the brand continue to appreciate, so that partners in the shortest possible time to get the maximum brand effect.

Twice a year nationwide large-scale exhibition of new products, ordering, a powerful e-commerce trading platform; the first batch of 100% replacement rate, the whole contract during the replacement system; convenient nationwide logistics system to ensure the operation of the store worry .

90%, 80%, 70%

Ainoweiya underwear lingerie Museum 2-10 stimulate female spending power, mode novel, easy to operate, easy to copy easy to use. 90% of existing underwear shops can be the perfect flop, 80% of clothing boutiques worry-free transition, 70% of first-time entrepreneurs can easily succeed.
35 years old

Ai Nuoweiya underwear shop marketing team 2-10 prime of life, sensitive thinking, the average age of 35-year-old. They have rich experiences in brand operation and marketing management, which can create and perfect a competitive sales network as quickly as possible and greatly enhance their anti-risk ability.

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Ai Nuoweiya 2-10 underwear experience museum headquarters to implement one-on-one service system, "nanny-style" special person-in-charge, to avoid staff turnover arising from the analysis of the local product sales partner error caused by errors. So that a reasonable system of return, fast and cheap logistics system, get good effect.

Ai Nuowei Ya, underwear brand to ensure quality; health underwear life extension; underwear to protect themselves; to meet the high quality low-cost consumer underwear!