China's popular fabric innovation show build efficient supply and demand exchange platform

Business community on August 27 hearing in the context of the financial crisis, sponsored by the China Textile Industry Association, the National Textile Products Development Center hosted the third China popular fabric innovation show to the domestic fabric business provides more business opportunities. As one of the series of activities in "Fashion and Creative Space", this exhibition aims to set up a high-end and effective trade and business negotiation platform for China's excellent fabric suppliers and garment brand owners. Zhang Wei, director of product division of National Textile Product Development Center, said: "Fine, professional and narrow audiences, we would like to do such a very simple business event for upstream and downstream docking of brand fabric suppliers and professional visitors." Exhibitors' Professional Chinese Fashion Fabrics Innovation Show was initially positioned as "Boutique, Professional, Narrow," ie not pursuing large-scale but demanding products that are both sophisticated and market-relevant, and not pursuing display categories for all Buyers, but for the purchase of fabric products buyers can be satisfied with. An important feature of this innovative display is the professionalism. In order to enable the audience to find the fabric products they need, the exhibition organizers National Textile Product Development Center selected from the national textile product development base enterprises to Xing China, Zhuzhou Cedar , Guangzhou Yang Fiber, Tianjin Tianfang, Fulida, Haitian Textile, Hangzhou Yongsheng, Dan Wool Textile, Handan San Mian, Fuhua family, Fujian Ying Arts, Huili Printing and Dyeing, Tin Shing Group, Jinling Textile, , Dingtian Textile, Sanyuan Group, and other seventeen outstanding fabrics enterprises to participate in the show, and bring its latest research and development production of fabric samples this season. At the same time, these exhibitors generally have rich experience in cooperating with foreign big brands in quick response, delivery, product quality and other back-end services, and are capable of providing customers with excellent "one-stop" service. In addition, the organizers conducted pre-training and guidance to exhibitors to ensure that exhibitors focus on the latest research and development of fabrics in a professional manner to inspire the professional audience's design inspiration and purchasing desire. Fine blend According to Haitian Textile Group Operations Manager Wang Dongyan introduced the company brought a series of functional boutique fabrics. COOLDRY series of fabrics is one of the representative products. COOLDRY combines the comfort of cotton with the fast drying properties of polyester. The introduction of nature's capillary principle into the development of textiles, the use of specially designed multi-grooved fibers and unique fabric design and finishing methods, can sweat and wet the skin surface Gas instantly absorbed and quickly transmitted to the outer fabric and distribution, at the same time, the high profile of the cross-sectional structure of its permeability, fluffy greatly increased, so always keep the fabric and the skin between the dry state. COOLDRY series products mainly include UV resistant fabrics, full extinction fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, cool feeling fabrics and super soft fabrics. These new products have been put on the market, praised by customers. Xiangxing (China) Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of casual fabrics. R & D director Sun Xiankang R & D department, said the exhibition, also brought to the Hing, including soft and thin series, shape memory series and other specialty products. Plain memory fabric using Korean memory materials, products with comfort, functionality, environmental protection and other characteristics. In addition, super memory function, to create unlimited creative space for designers. Its application in evening wear, fashion dresses and so on. Visitors According to the National Textile Products Development Center stakeholders, the show also has strict requirements for visitors qualifications, after two months of screening and directional invitation, from well-known clothing brand designers and procurement staff, design agencies Representatives and traders and other about 2000 professional visitors to attend the exhibition and business negotiations, the participation of high-quality brand customers will ensure that the display of high-end and efficient, bringing the most direct demand and market judgments. Hunan Huasheng Zhuzhou cedar cedar Ltd. Assistant General Manager, Sales Manager Zhang Jianping said the show is characterized by a narrow audience, the audience is professional, are the downstream business procurement, designers, their goals clear. Zhangqingang Jinling Textile Co., Ltd. R & D Minister Zhangqin Fen also expressed the same view, she told reporters that the show is good. Shanghai Guoguang Textile Printing and Dyeing Garment Co., Ltd. Purchasing Department Luo grain told reporters that the exhibitors are the representative of the field of fabric enterprises, product types, technical content, style and other aspects are more satisfactory, the fabric design in line with international trends , The harvest in the procurement is still relatively large.