E-producing men's force agents into the second and third tier cities

Hubei garment industry, "yin and yang," the situation is gradually changing. Wuhan City Chamber of Commerce Secretary-General Li Qunbao introduced, women's clothing industry in Hubei Province is still dominated, but the recent men's production has begun to force. In the middle of this month, Xiaogan Ann Lu'an Cotton Textile Group launched the men's brand "Van Gogh." Yu Chuhua, chairman of the group introduced the large-scale women's industry in Hubei, men at a disadvantage, but in other provinces, there are a large number of successful development of men's brand experience, so after the cotton into the apparel market, specifically select the men's market, and cancel the agent link , Directly into the second and third tier cities in the terminal sales. This reporter learned that the brand launched less than 10 days, quickly attracted more than 80 dealers, sales network has been throughout the province. "In Wuhan, more than 1,600 garment enterprises, women's production enterprises have more than 1,500." Li Qun Bao said that in Hubei apparel market, men's market are mostly foreign monks recalled by the status quo, making E-men even more shrinking. It is understood that in recent years, with the province's Lee Lang, wit, brand and other brand of men's strong rise, Hubei garment industry has also begun to consider changing the direction of the Hubei garment business Mafia Mailyard also made "is man To fight "business and political men concept. Li Qun Bao suggested that in the case of multiple men's brands in the metropolitan area, the men's brand in the field has abandoned the high-end market and may try to expand from the second and third tier cities.