Cotton fabrics spot transactions fell slightly

Recently, the overall market turnover of China's cotton textile fabrics decreased slightly. In autumn, spot cotton gray cloths still went on the market. Some cotton gray cloths still showed active sales in some large-scale operating stores. The direct sales orders for cotton gray cloths in the manufacturing enterprises were still still large, but some small and medium-sized business households remained weak in business. Cotton gray cloths Overall sales slightly lower than the previous period. However, some autumn conventional cotton fabric, autumn and winter thickened double-layer conventional cotton fabric cotton production is still more, mainly in autumn clothing cotton fabric manufacturers marketing small and medium-sized orders still take part Chang, some good quality cotton fabric manufacturers counterpart garment factory buyers, foreign trade companies purchase orders are still more batches, the domestic export business is still expanding. Recent market, the finished cotton fabric finished dyed fabric spot transactions are still limited, and more to absorb the order-based; recently finished cotton fabric finished slightly lower spot delivery, but the counterparts fabrics orders still unabated. Finished printed cotton cloth spot transactions fell slightly, the order is still not diminished. A number of cloth shops before the factory-style factory, the manufacturer marketing and large-scale operating outlets, cotton cloth orders fall still to take smooth autumn, winter fabric orders to undertake some also undertake bulk. Most small and medium-sized business outlets spot transactions and order prices to stabilize the basic stability of large quantities of orders are still a small profit promotion, some of the large-scale operation of the market for some high quality small quantities orders are still inequalities Price increase. Recent market, large-scale local large-scale operation and part of small and medium-sized stores in autumn with cotton cloth hanging sample listing continued to increase, mostly to absorb the order-based, machine-dyed, padded cotton cloth to make school uniforms tooling, Sending orders for some of the large-scale operating stores remained active. In autumn, cotton pad-dyed gauzes, cotton-padded canvas and cotton-padded dyed silk were still available for bulk orders. The orders for counterparts were still not diminished.