Premier Wen made the wish for Islay: unlimited light for the future

On August 22, Lishui, a mountain town in the south of Zhejiang Province, was still shrouded in temperature and overflowing with the heat. It was full of passion and caressed the land surrounded by the Cangshan Mountain and the Lushui River and the children conceived by this land. On this hot day, members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council, as well as leaders of the relevant ministries and commissions, came to the Lye Shui Industrial Park of the Islay Group for their job inspection and investigation at 3.50 pm. Premier Wen Jiabao and other leaders of the Group Accompanied by, I learned about the development history, main business, design and development, culture construction and operation status of Islay Group. I visited the showrooms and workshops and talked cordially with the R & D team and front-line workers. Provincial Governor Lu Zushan and other provincial leaders, Lishui Municipal Party Committee leaders and some high-level Islay Group visited. "After the crisis, what difficulties do you think?" During his visit, Premier Wen was very concerned about the impact of the financial crisis on the development of the enterprise and the practical difficulties encountered after he listened to the group leaders' reports on the development of the enterprise. The Prime Minister asked with concern: "What about your market under the financial crisis? Is there any big impact or not?" President Chen Pin said: "The financial crisis will have a certain impact on the business. The impact of these Because the financial crisis has had a real impact on our upstream and downstream, it is quite normal to have an impact as a member of the market and economic environment. Second, the impact of the financial crisis is not only affecting the economy, It is bound to have an impact on people's lives. This is probably the most crucial impact for Islay. We need to study and judge the changes in people's lifestyles brought about by the financial crisis. This lifestyle change may bring Dress behavior and consumer behavior changes in consumer psychology, which is very important for Islay; Third, Islay this business was born in the 1997 Southeast Asian financial crisis, we have to resist the crisis awareness of the crisis and the psychological; Fourth, , Islay has always been to establish their own brand as a business development goals and base points, with this base point Fate is in your own hands, and on the one hand we are able to leveraging the market clearly and on the other hand we are able to withstand health risks. "After listening to President Chen's report, the PM nodded with great satisfaction and further asked:" The crisis After that, what do you think is the difficulty? "President Chen Pin replied:" I do not think there are any major difficulties in the enterprise right now. Of course, there are always problems in the enterprise. However, these problems will not affect the healthy development of the enterprise. Year started after the start of the domestic market, after four or five years of development, our brand has reached a virtuous cycle of the state; In addition to our determination to take the road of branding, we also have lock velvet technology, which is our patented technology With this technology, our products have been greatly expanded in the utilization of the fabrics, therefore, we have increased the research and development of our own fabrics, and this year we have a lot of fabrics that we developed independently from the yarn. Because we always keep such a little innovation, we have achieved development.Ilayai's innovative culture from the product began, it is now Become the norm of employee's work and become the core culture of Allei.Our Products Our market is constantly finding innovative points in traditional industries and creating one "chance barrier" for ourselves. "Since then, Asked in detail whether the company's sales and profits have declined as a result of the financial crisis, and learned that Israela, not only did not decline, but also gained 36% over the previous year, a good performance, very pleased. Group Marketing Director Admiral Jin report: "We did get greater development. At first, just the financial crisis, we are a bit confused, I do not think it is our confidence in the brand, the most important thing is the market will not be hit, However, in fact, after starting 4 trillion yuan from the state, we find that the impact of the ordinary people is not great because we are positioned to be mid-range and not the kind of luxury goods , Is to meet the needs of our three or four cities, is the county level, prefecture level, this part of the people in fact in the financial crisis and not much affected. "" I look at the workers! I want to talk to the workers " After hearing the work report of Islay Group, I was very satisfied and very pleased when I learned that Isle was in crisis and the profit of the enterprise was not reduced but contrarian. I said to the people around me: "I want to look at the workers." I want to talk to the workers. "The prime minister proposed to speak with the workers so that the factory workers would be very excited. When President Chen Pin led the Prime Minister and others came to the factory and said to the workers: "The Prime Minister came to see us!" Employees were excited and got up to applaud one after another. "Prime Minister, hello!" "The Prime Minister, you worked hard!" Sentences plain words, came from these simple crowd, the prime minister's face both solemn and conceal his heart's excitement. He kindly walked around the workers, the figure of an old man, at this time seemed so approachable, so amiable. How tall and how ordinary; how stalwart, how simple; how distant, but so close; how obscure, but so clear; at this time, who can hide the excitement of the heart, inner excitement, inner feelings ... Prime Minister That warm and friendly figure, walked around every worker, carefully asked: "How many years?", "What kind of work do you do?", "This is the last procedure you?", "You are the inspector "... When the Prime Minister learned that he was holding a Sichuan-born worker, he expressed his condolences to him:" Where are you from in Sichuan? How is the situation in your home? "The workers answered with excitement one by one, And thanked the Prime Minister for his concern. When leaving the factory, the prime minister said to the farewell workers: "Why do I call the eight R & D personnel just because they are thinking every day is to study the world and the development trend of the national down jacket to create new products, and then by You come to make it. "..." In a very short time, look at your factory and I am very pleased to know that in the midst of the financial crisis, our factory has overcome the hardship, and our business, sales and corporate profits are all better. " Three Requirements for Enterprise Construction After 40 minutes of investigation, Premier Wen said in response to the flirtation of staff representatives: "There are three aspects of an enterprise that should be properly managed. The first is management. The second is technology. The third is ethics. All three aspects Well, this enterprise will be invincible in the competition, and will not take the sloping road, it will always go Kang Zhuang Avenue. "This is both a summary of the inspection, but also on the enterprise development requirements and ardent hope . Premier Wen saw the importance of business management in Islay and saw the well-organized and rigorous management culture of Islay. The Prime Minister said: "I remember the words you are keeping improving in here. Qin, both engaged in the design, or engaged in manufacturing, or engage in management, we must strive for excellence, and these four words is endless. "Premier Wen saw in Islay business innovation, technological innovation for business development To promote the role, saw the development of new fabric, saw the lock velvet technology. Premier Wen Jiabao said: "This enterprise has two sentences in it, and I pay close attention to it and call it 'people-oriented and innovation as the soul.' It can also be said that 'innovation is the soul and people-oriented.' The so-called people-oriented means that we set up factories Is to face the people, you produce the down jacket, is the needs of the masses, but mainly to the domestic masses to buy. Innovation as the soul, even the middle and low products, it also needs innovation, because only innovation can be more Of the enterprises, in a fierce competition, in a leading position. Innovation it depends on workers rely on cadres, but most importantly rely on scientific and technical personnel. "Premier Wen Jiaoyi Yi Lai Yi saw more corporate culture, saw the promotion of enterprises Thriving entrepreneurial spirit, he raised the corporate culture to a moral level, he said he remembered the "end to perfection" this sentence: "'stop at perfection' is suitable for people between the words, but also suitable In the country and the country, and people intersect, stop at perfection, but I understand the meaning of your sentence may be more profound, that is, morality is the corporate ethics because business ethics The most important thing is integrity, but the fundamental integrity, people are to be kind, good, only good have love, only love can put their own part to do a good job, this is the corporate culture! I do not know the understanding of the right? "In particular, Premier Wen spoke of Islay's telepathy, he said:" Just now I saw that there was a factory in the factory called Wishbox, and the person in charge asked me if I had to cast a wish. , Wish Wish wish is generally not say, but I tell you, I hope your factory getting better and better. "......" If you wish to say, for the future, your business, unlimited light!