Green "clothes" proud designer brand Bikkembergs unique classic charm

Green "clothes" proud designer brand Bikkembergs unique classic charm
The design of Bikkembergs has always been diversified. His designs blend architectural, sports, high-tech, and aesthetics in a variety of different categories. Others always love to think of his design as a combination of “high-fashion sports optics, Geometry, speed, classics, future sports, uniforms, vitality, etc."

Bikkembergs's design career begins with the first pair of shoes, and also confirms that his design talents are widely recognized by the public. More importantly, Bikkemberg's design is absolutely impressive and unique. In August 1988, Bikkembergs launched a series of complete men's clothing accessories, and in the same year in September the first time to put the SS89 series on the Paris flyover. Since then, Dirk Bikkemberg has moved his fashion show to Milan's footbridge. Design has become the climax of every fashion show.

Bikkembergs Designer Brand

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