This site on December 22 hearing, sweet hot high-heeled boots, a very good wild single product, oh, whether you are that kind of style MM this can wear a feeling of oh. · The wild king of sandals is it · Visual stretch leg length also has a pair of V-port shoes · Danbyo shoes trend | s
Lead: LiEdelkoort is one of the most famous trend forecasting experts in the world today. She made predictions for the design of spring and summer 2011 and textiles. There are two themes: the disappearance of elegance and watercolor flowers. Li Edelkoort is one of the most famous trend forecasting
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Ben Wang, July 24th, in the hot sun, refreshing sweet white dress must be selected, with a rainbow vest fun mood, followed by a deep V collar into the deep courtyard, so that the layers of mind drifting with the wind, or take a orange Small vest, hold up a sweet sky. Editor's Choice: White la