Assia brand women adhering to the "from South Korea, more South Korea," the design concept to color with the groundbreaking elements of the trend of Japan and South Korea combined with aestheticism, design a more rich variety of fashion models. Products focus on color mix, fabric mix, wor
Offside juvenile equipment to adhere to the franchise-based, self-support stores and regional agents, supplemented by the channel construction model, for their own future development built a flexible and stable headquarters. Channel construction is crucial to the development of a brand. No one meth
Delicate Gege brand women know the high quality of fashion life, designed to lead the urban women into the elegant and romantic modern world. Delicate Gege apparel has a senior design team, designers with a smooth, meticulous way, dissolving Western design concepts and oriental women's aestheti
April 12, You You couple apparel autumn new conference and order will be opened in the Rhine Hotel. Hundreds of merchants from all over the country gathered together to enjoy the New Products and look good on the spot. In this theme of "flying over unlimited" dynamic catwalk, more than
柒 goods plum brand underwear threshold is very low, to join the initial venture dealers to better business opportunities, business conditions. As long as you first in the blank area to open the first 柒 product plum store you can get the following benefits: 1, Blank areas are: Jia
Shenzhen Chrysanthemum Garments Co., Ltd. combines the cultural heritage of both Chinese and Western clothing, designed with the world's most popular elements but without losing the rich cultural flavor of clothing, so that he always maintained the forefront of leading the fashion trend. Chrysa
People suit has been tapped the brand is different, with exclusive - elegant Ru deep. Ya-Confucianism - wisdom, learned, Xiuwaihui, knowledge, taste, civilization, etiquette, much people admire and respect. Deep - solemn, steady, rigid and flexible, to avoid its edge, without exception. This is the
"Man Luka" brand women keenly capture the psychology of modern urban women, through the capture of the essence of fashion and creative play, so that the fashion design style is unique, quality excellence, style innovation. Man Lu card brand women summer flirtatious new products. Man Lu ca
Hong Kong understands that we want to be the closest friend of a woman and have a perfect life with Hong Kong's experience. Cashmere CoatsCashmere Coats,Ladies' Cashmere Coats,Men's Cashmere CoatsCashmere Fiber,Cashmere Yarn Co., Ltd. ,
She is retro, classic and modern, fashion integration, avant-garde yet elegant, fashion take into account casual, stylish, simple, generous and comfortable for the urban fashion Young women create beautiful, confident youthful image. Iraq since the summer dress ladies summer dress, beautiful and ch