Weilu Men's Brand Sponsor "Manchester United China" Wei Lu men's wear has become the only designated formal wear of Manchester United in 2005. Founded in 1989, Weilu (China) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture that integrates development, production, and sales. It specializ
JPR U.S. women's brand youth jumps to the top of fashion The full name of JPR is John Paul Richard, formerly the Melrose Women's Brand Company established by Chatsworth, California. Like her fresh and bright name, JPR came to China from sunny California with a youthful and pretty gesture.
The brand's road: The famous "Givkas" brand made of military uniforms Gieves & Hawkes were originally two separate companies. The company was established in 1771 and specializes in the manufacture of military caps. Founded in 1785, Gieves is known worldwide for tailoring military
Why do multinational brands choose NVC? Not long ago, the mangrove image shop of the Junrun Store on Wanshou Road in Beijing began renovation. The staff of the photo agency told the reporter that as a Kodak franchisee, according to its agreement with Kodak, the spotlights, downlights, and other li
Give men a little bit of fine individual accessories men's grade symbol Men's accessories are always practical; glasses, watches, belts, lighters... more precisely should be personal objects. Men's choice of clothing is relatively narrow, but they are suits, jackets, shirts, trousers .
Baiter Classic Vintage Men's Deconstruction Sensory World Baiter deconstructs the world of senses again with classic retro aesthetics, squandering lazy elegance. Taste the romantic feeling of European, casually outlined the outline of fashion. Seamless BRAGirl Tube Sexy Bra,Seamless Bandeau Br
Visit the "Shang Hai" mix of national charm and Fashion Bags In 2005, the blend of ethnic charm and modern fashion was once again on the wave of fashion. The rich national style is particularly eye-catching. After reading the past international fashion magazines, it is found that the mor
Trending Curvy Curves Get Hot Sexy Thongs Sexy is the first point of underwear. This year's hottest thongs take a high profile, the more flashing and more beckoning the better. Boldly displaying graceful curves, the most popular fabric stretch mesh and embroidered fabrics, if you have none, le
Vogue highlights new fashion trends in denim The most shocking news in the fashion industry in the 21st century is, of course, the collaboration between LV and Takashi Murakami, a feast of different professions. In addition to the symbolic significance, the actual sales effect is also extraordinar
Dunhill driving costumes push men's charm to the highest level The brand new 2005 Spring-Summer series brings Dunhill's consistent driving spirit to full play. The design team led by Nick Ashley took inspiration from the leather car of the top team in the 1970s and used four colors to inte