Victoria’s secret brand originated in the United States and is headquartered in Ohio, USA. Its parent company is a U.S. super-listed company, The Limited Inc (referred to as LTD), and was established in 1963. Her Majesty owns Victorias Secret, Express, The Limited, Bath & Body Works, Hen
Variety charm ochirly 07 love cowboy (Figure) 07 spring and summer, ochirly once again let the denim shine, break through the traditional style, get rid of a single color, with a variety of individual style conquered the girls working hard at the forefront of fashion. Keeping the previous loose t
Valisere lace lingerie shaped sexy gorgeous (Figure) The new season's Valisere Lingerie underwear design has become more fancy and gorgeous, in the underwear decorated with a large number of three-dimensional decoration such as three-dimensional embroidery and lotus leaf lace, etc., to create
The new sportswear in spring is practical and popular. With exquisite fabric selection, changing colors, and richly varied styles, it shows the charm of youthful vitality and fashion, while fully demonstrating your identity and status. Previous Page 1 2345678910...12Next Full Story TV productsWate
Ema Emma Fashion Women's 07 Spring Summer Show EMA girl - wise girl, confident and independent, sensitive and spiritual, exudes charming woman charm; she has a keen sense of fashion, self-awareness is very strong, she knows that "close trend" and "self-style" between balanc
Dunhill launches iPod crocodile multimedia speaker Many wealthy people like to wear leather clothes. Of course, there are many people who have no money, but they are vain. A few days ago, Dunhill introduced a special multimedia speaker for the Apple iPod nano. The surface was actually made of croc